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Why Cyprus is systemically important for the eurozone?

Cyprus may cause more problems in the Eurozone than Greece, despite its tiny economy, wrote in a commentary for MarketWatch Darrell Delameyd. The Mediterranean island is the third smallest economy in the currency bloc, but will need a bailout as gross domestic product (GDP) of the country, and possibly even more.   Cyprus problem is not that public debt as "virtual insolvency" of the banking system, which turns out to be eight times greater than the national economy.   Abou... Read more ››

George Osborne: EU needs to change in order to remain in the UK it

British finance minister George Osborne said that the European Union needs to change in order to remain in the UK it, though he is hoping for, communicate Wall Street Journal.   "The British are very disappointed with the EU, with a feeling that too many decisions are made it. Our citizens can really ask Brussels to solve their most pressing problems and create jobs and prosperity, "he says.   British Prime Minister David Cameron repeated that his country is better off as p... Read more ››

Greek unemployment surpassed Spain

Unemployment in Greece reached 26.8% in October, registering the highest level of this indicator within the European Union ahead in rating sad Spain, the BBC reported. According to Eurostat, unemployment in September in Greece was 26%, while that in Spain in November is approaching 27%.   The Greek economy remains mired in recession and the government continues to introduce significant austerity measures. It cuts costs, to fit the conditions set out in the plan to obtain bail from the... Read more ››

2012 – the year in which we lived on the edge

2012 was as bad as I expected. Recession in Europe was predictable (and expected) result of budget cuts and a plan to save the euro from the outset was doomed to failure, says Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize winning economist and professor at Columbia University.   Anemic recovery in the U.S., where growth only allow the creation of new jobs was expected due to the political bickering in Washington. It is they who prevented President Barack Obama to pass his bill to boost employment an... Read more ››
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Market Analysis

EUR/USD Market analysis September 23, 2013

The euro held entirely initiative after finding support at 1.3100 psychological and technical model "Pirecing Line", which is observed in the final stages of downward trends. Uptre... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 23, 2013

Technical figure "bullish engulfing", which is observed in the final stages of the declines will support the U.S. dollar. The yen is limited by the uptrend line which validates the... Read more ››

EUR/USD Market analysis September 20, 2013

The euro held entirely initiative after finding support at 1.3100 psychological and technical model "Pirecing Line", which is observed in the final stages of downward trends. Uptre... Read more ››

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 20, 2013

Pound deal with a series of key resistance levels and is now above the psychological 1.6000 and the upper limit of the bullish channel which is drawn from the middle of July. The u... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 20, 2013

The dollar continues to lose ground against the yen after the formation of the technical figure "dark cloud", which is often observed in the final stages of upward movements. The a... Read more ››

EUR/USD Market analysis September 19, 2013

The euro maintain the initiative, after finding the support of 1.3100 and the technical psychological model "Pirecing Line", which is seen in the final phases of the downside. The ... Read more ››

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 19, 2013

British pound deal with a series of key resistance and is already above 1.6000 psychological and above the upper limit of the ascending channel, which draws from the middle of July... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 19, 2013

The dollar continues to decline against the yen after the formation of a technical figure "dark cloud", which can be seen frequently in the final phases of upward movements. The ad... Read more ››


Factors for choosing the best forex trading platform

On the forex market trillions dollars change hands on daily basis from forex traders and big institutions. We’ll explain the forex perspective form the small players’ point of view – retail forex traders should deal with high daily fluctuation and high risks, but this is still a lucrative place to earn lots of money. In order to make the profit forex traders should rely on a good trading platform. No matter if you are experienced or not, a trading platform is your best tool on your disposal. When you are looking for a trading platform you need to search the best that suits your trading style. It may vary from a... Read more ››

Day trading for dummies

A day trading is a process where traders buy or sell financial instrument – stocks, bonds, futures, currencies and derivatives within the trading day. All trades are closes within the day and no orders or traders are left open for the next day – with this traders are not subjected to the overnight risk while keeping the order live. Traders trade in order to make profit by exploitation the small price changes of the financial instrument. In order to trade within the borders of the day you need high concentration and focus while you trade in the trading session. So in the next rows we’ll do “day trading for dum... Read more ››

5 tips for a forex trading system

We all know that the single most important thing that all traders think to about, when starting to learn forex is how to make a good forex system. The main reason behind that need is that traders respect their time and efforts. There are countless trading systems on the market and each is different in many ways from another. So before you start trading forex you need to develop good trading system. We all want to develop the very best system that can guarantee us huge profits, with low drawdown chance and to suits perfectly in our daily routine. We’re going to give you several tips in order to help you to develop t... Read more ››

Forex trading software

If уou seek for the foreign exchange day buying and selling systems you сan get ѕevеraӏ reѕults, whіch ѕау tһаt tһeу are tһe very best techniques tһаt function. However, bеforе choosing оnе, you nееԁ to be certain tһаt tһeу provide уоu tһе favored reѕults. Take a ӏook at ԝһаt otһеr individuals һаvе tо ѕaу around a рartiсuӏаr system. There аrе buying and selling techniques ԝhіch аre automatic anԁ hаvе ѕevеraӏ capabilities to makе trading easy. Such techniques kеeps a monitor of thе market trends аnd advise уou аcсоrdіngӏу. There аre several system... Read more ››

Robot trading

Install a FOREX buying and selling robotic software program. Robot software iѕ offered more than tһе Internet; follow tһe deploy directions that accompany tһe software. These robots usualӏy hаvе a "stealth mode" tһаt buyers uѕe tо dynamically open аnԁ close trading positions. Normally, a FOREX trader creates an access order consisting of a limit cost to open thе position, anԁ stops to takе profit anԁ close оut a loss. The automated trading software in a FOREX robot replaces a dealer's entry orders ԝith genuine-time dynamic order access based оn existing prices. Engage robotic trading. After yo... Read more ››


ECB sees “reserved recovery” eurozone economy

Despite the improved confidence in the euro-zone economy, the economy itself is in no hurry to step up the pace. Draghi described the process as "a low-key recovery." According to the ECB's GDP growth for the current year will be reduced by 0.4%, down from its earlier 0.6%. Nevertheless, it is forecast to worsen next year, it is expected that the economy has not accelerated by 1.1% and by only 1%.Inflation also does not make it to the target value set at 2% in either the current or next year, the central bank sees itself as an allowable pressure.And although there is nothing in the statement encouraging... Read more ››

Is Made in USA the Next Big Consumer Trend?

With the growing technology, the trends of marketing and business are changing rapidly in the entire world. This is being changed due to the new era of technology being used by different kinds of business organization. The changing technology and era is also making various new companies to emerge in various different parts of the world. Moreover, due to the development of new technologies and growing globalisation, the growth of various businesses has been possible.   Now days, there are many organizations and businesses in the market which have adopted to do innovations and expand their business. The new ... Read more ››

Financial Analyst Certification – What exactly is It?

Perhaps you have ever puzzled exactly what a financial analyst certification is? Specifically, it implies you could have certification and training in getting an efficient financial analyst. With entry towards the Globe Wide Internet, a FAC is attainable through net classes, lessons, and exams. It's possible to be certified in six months when finishing a superior FAC system more than the web. These programs are created from the leading monetary analysts. You can expect to understand outstanding, tested approaches which might be getting put to use in business enterprise currently. Furthermore, there is certainly no wi... Read more ››

Security Finance – What’s It And just how You possibly can Obtain It

Probably the most typical form of security finance is a house financial loan. Listed here are the fundamentals that are universally exactly the same. The very first factor you have to know that, although it truly is secured finance which has comparatively fewer dangers for your financial institution than an unsecured mortgage, it is actually nevertheless a major purchase and also a bank loan of a significant quantity of money for a private person to borrow.   Be prepared, for that cause, to fill out an substantial loan software, plus a lot of data within the property that is certainly getting applied to se... Read more ››

All You Wished To understand About Magnum Cash Advance

Magnum cash advance can be a supply of financial aid, created for emergencies, that helps persons that are looking for a speedy solution to their fiscal requirements. These loans are for short period of time f time that is certainly to become repaid using the borrowers' next paycheck. These services are readily offered should you will need instant money for an quantity between $100 and $1000. But, money innovations can be even taken into a restrict of $1500. These loans are on the market with a wide selection of functions, which end up producing quite a few rewards for the clients.     Immediate An... Read more ››