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USD/JPY Market Analysis August 29, 2013

After substantial depreciation of the dollar on Tuesday , yesterday the pair changed the direction of movement . Dollar regained ground against the yen to a level of 97.62 , provided that trading for the day started at a price of 97.01 . Upturn retain power almost throughout the session by late afternoon had reached the highest point of the day at 97.82 . Further movement of the currency pair upwards will attempt to break the resistance at 100.00 .   Support : 95.80 , 93.75 ; Resis... Read more ››

Hugo Chavez illness directed oil sharks to Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is fighting for every breath, transferred world news agencies. It hurt from cancer several years ago, but said it had overcome insidious disease and it gave him the confidence to run for consecutive term as president of the oil-rich country. In recent weeks it became clear that the disease is not gone and now Chavez struggles with acute respiratory tract infection.   Only a week later, on January 10, it should be sworn in as the country's leader, but h... Read more ››

Forex Rebellion – Ways to Appraise the Forex Rebellion Buying and selling Program

Are you currently a Amateur or Qualified? This doesn't issue to what classification you belong to. You're constantly in research to the new, superior, improved and upgraded currency trading system. Only the new kinds can have included the most up-to-date sector movements situations and newest procedures. A person of such, just recently launched for the community is the The Forex Rebellion Buying and selling Program. Have you ever observed about this?     According to the onlin... Read more ››

Forex robots – Explanation why even seasoned traders use forex robots

Lots of men and women are already relying on currency trading robots with regards to foreign exchange on the net trading. They attest for the actuality that these forex robots are safe and successful to utilize. Aside from that, the number of builders striving to sell the most up-to-date and many state-of-the-art currency trading software is increasing about the many years -- a transparent indicator that there is a huge need for these investing robots.     It's substantial to... Read more ››

Market Analysis

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 23, 2013

Pound deal with a series of key resistance levels last week and despite the withdrawal of the last peaks cents remains above the psychological 1.6000, which is formed as a key supp... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 23, 2013

Technical figure "bullish engulfing", which is observed in the final stages of the declines will support the U.S. dollar. The yen is limited by the uptrend line which validates the... Read more ››

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 19, 2013

British pound deal with a series of key resistance and is already above 1.6000 psychological and above the upper limit of the ascending channel, which draws from the middle of July... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 18, 2013

The dollar continues to decline against the yen after the formation of a technical figure "dark cloud", which can be seen frequently in the final phases of upward movements. the ... Read more ››

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 17, 2013

The upward trend line, built along the bottoms from July onwards, continues to give priority to the British pound and to validate the bullish trend. In values around the trend line... Read more ››

EUR/USD Market analysis September 16, 2013

The euro seems to be located in a more advantageous position against the u.s. dollar and the continuing upturn is more likely scenario for the next serious resistance to the EUR/US... Read more ››

Forex trading software

If уou seek for the foreign exchange day buying and selling systems you сan get ѕevеraӏ reѕults, whіch ѕау tһаt tһeу are tһe very best techniques tһаt function. Ho... Read more ››

Robot trading

Install a FOREX buying and selling robotic software program. Robot software iѕ offered more than tһе Internet; follow tһe deploy directions that accompany tһe software. These ... Read more ››


Why do you choose an EA forex system?

An EA forex is an automatically generated trading signal by software that triggers buy or sell on the trader’s behalf. Several EAs allow automatic entering in a position under certain restrictions and those EA’s have a trailing stop in order to maximize trader’s profits so called “let the profit run” and if the trend reverses to limits loses. These EAs for forex market are built by the help of the most popular technical indicators.In order to find the best EAs in the forex industry you need to invest a lot from your time. It is a truly hard work, because there lots of options on the forex market nowadays. A... Read more ››

Why do we need forex brokers?

With the help of forex broker you can be linked with the forex market and become a trader – so it is important to choose the best forex robot that suits your trading style, but this broker should no scam you. Nowadays almost every day a new forex broker emerges – with the abundance of great features and promises. Virtually all brokers claim that there are the best and they are the best solution for you, but is it? When you going to pick a forex broker what are you looking for? How the broker built his reputation? How safe the broker is? These are questions that must be answered in advance. In the following rows w... Read more ››

What is swing trading?

Swing trading is a trading method or style where a position is held for short time ranging from a day to couple of weeks. Swing trading is preferred method not only from beginners in the forex field bur also from the experienced and advanced forex traders. With proper knowledge swing trading could lead you to big profits. Swing trading is something in between trend following trading and day trading. In day trading method a forex trader holds the position open within the limits of the day. Trader can close the position after minute or two or he or she could close it before the day ends. On the other hand trend followi... Read more ››

What is high frequency trading?

The high frequency trading or HFT is accomplished by the use of a computer programs. These programs or algorithms are calculating many variables on the input side as time, price, and quantity and when the time is right they automatically open a position. HFT is meant to replace the trader. HFT or algorithmic trading is just another world that substitutes forex robot trading or auto trade system.High frequency trading is focusing on the speed of the trade execution. HFT can open short or long position and close it in a blink of an eye. They take away the emotions from traders and saves time. A high frequency trading c... Read more ››

What is fx trading?

Foreign exchange trading or fx trading is growing with a steady trend from the beginning of computers and technological breakthroughs and technological advances. Fx trading has switch from a solely banking and financial sector, to all who has internet. FX trading is 24/7 process from Monday to Friday and can be done from anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connectivity. FX trading is not for fools! Traders must monitor a wide range of factors and indicators – economic factors and indicators, political news, social and geopolitical news and even a nature can turn the forex rates upside down in very... Read more ››


GBP/USD Market Analysis September 11, 2013

Open - 1.5696; Peak - 1.5744; Bottom - 1.5684; Close - 1.5729 Uptrend line constructed on the bottoms since July continues to give priority to the pound and validate uptrend. At around the trend line values are the strongest support, and the first key resistance to the British pound is at 1.5750 - the top of June 17. ... Read more ››

USD/JPY Market Analysis September 11, 2013

Open - 99.57; Peak - 100.45; Bottom - 99.47; Close - 100.30 Attempts yen for a deeper correction found quickly peak and the dollar again took the initiative. In mid-August, the couple formed a technical figure "Bullish Engulfing", which is observed in the final stages of declines, and that continues to give priority to U.S. currency. ... Read more ››

GBP/USD Market Analysis September 9, 2013

Open - 1.5588 ; Peak - 1.5679 ; Bottom - 1.5563 ; Close - 1.5628 Tip , the couple formed on August 21 at 1.5717 , proved a turning point in which the dollar limit declines and began to gather momentum . Technical piece "Shooting Star" has further strengthened the growth of the U.S. currency. The validity of the downward trend in test runs and breaking the upward trend line , built on the bottoms since July . ... Read more ››

EUR / USD Market Analysis August 27, 2013

Nothing interesting happened yesterday in the Forex market. In England, it was a day off, and perhaps traders have decided to take advantage of the last days of August and reduced its activity to a minimum. EUR / USD formed inside candlestick chart with a daily range of 37 pips. This fact speaks volumes about the liquidity and needs no comment. Durable goods orders in the U.S. were much weaker than expected and caused some sales dollars. U.S. Treasury Secretary warned that the debt limit can be reached in October, but so far no one is impressed by that. Basically EUR / USD remains in range, currently bulls have a sli... Read more ››

Why Cyprus is systemically important for the eurozone?

Cyprus may cause more problems in the Eurozone than Greece, despite its tiny economy, wrote in a commentary for MarketWatch Darrell Delameyd. The Mediterranean island is the third smallest economy in the currency bloc, but will need a bailout as gross domestic product (GDP) of the country, and possibly even more.   Cyprus problem is not that public debt as "virtual insolvency" of the banking system, which turns out to be eight times greater than the national economy.   About one-fifth of deposits in Cypriot banks from Russia and Germany suggests that financial institutions in the island are invo... Read more ››